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If you want to equip your project to consumption and energy saving management systems and you want to save money or your goal is to help the environment, whoever you are and wherever you are, Ariosunshade offer you the best quality, intelligent systems and the most economical option.

Ariosunshade offers its services in the field of energy management, solar systems and building facilities as follows:
1. Consultation and Design
2. Energy audit
3 Sales and after-sales service
4. Maintenance
5. Installation, Commissioning & Start up

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Photovoltaic solar power

Photovoltaic systems are one of the most frequently used renewable energy and so far multiple systems with different capacities (5.0 kW to several MW) around the world has been installed and the number of applicants adds given the reliability and performance of these systems every day.

The second generation photovoltaic technologies:
Thin film solar cells after more than 20 years of research and development have started to spread. These modules significantly reduce the cost of electricity compared to silicon wafers type.
Three main types of thin film solar cells has already been commercialized, including:
• amorphous silicon (a-Si; a-Si / μc-Si)
• Cadmium Telluride (Cd-Te)
• Ayndym- copper selenide (CIS) and copper - indium - Galym- Dyslnyd (CIGS)

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Condensing boilers

It is interesting to know that water and space heating in buildings consumes a total of more than 80% of energy as well as more than a third of world energy consumption is used for heating. Of these, water heating consume 20 to 30 percent of total energy. Therefore, using the proper boilers as the most important part of heating installations show its importance more than ever.

Unlike traditional boilers, condensing ones benefit the heat present in the exhaust and reach significant savings in these circumstances. The maximum savings compared to low-temperature boiler and traditional boilers reach to 11% and 30% respectively and if using modular burner, this number reaches to 40%.

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Solar thermal systems

Producing hot water using solar energy is one of the most economical ways of using solar energy, Solar thermal energy can provide hot water for sanitary use in homes and public places. It also can be used in pool water heating (Indoor). Ariosunshade installed a large number of solar thermal systems for domestic hot water or swimming pool water heating or combined in various parts of the country.

Solar thermal systems consist of 4 main parts:
1. Solar thermal collectors
2. The circulation pump (the system heart)
3. Storage Tank
4. Controller (system brain)

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