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1how do solar thermal systems work?
In solar thermal systems, one of the most important sectors, are solar collectors which absorb more than 90 percent of the solar energy, then absorbed heat is transferred to the water and the water become hot.
2Can solar heating systems be used in large-scale projects?
Yes. Ariosunshade collectors can be used in series and parallel modes together to supply large volumes of water for large projects such as schools, hotels, office buildings and big commercial complex, barracks, public swimming pools, car-washes, bathhouses and plants. In fact, there is no limit on the amount of hot water!
3How long is the lifespan of solar thermal systems?
Their survival depends on the maintenance of the system and cleaning of the collectors, usually the lifetime of the collectors are between 20 and 25 years.
4ژan solar thermal systems be used for home heating?
5can homes with combi boilers have solar thermal systems?
6 Is solar collectors can be installed on the roof?
Yes, they can be installed on roofs.
7What is the amount of space required to install a solar thermal system for a family of 4 to 5 man?
Due to the different solar radiation the required space varies in different locations, but the average space is about 3 square meter.
8What is the pre heat in boiler room?
To save fuel consumption for hot water supply systems in boilers room, first, solar thermal system operate(with the right equipment and right connections) and supply hot water and makes the burner less work.
9 Do solar systems need lots of repairs and maintenance?
A solar system almost do not need any maintenance, only require periodic service to ensure that the system work properly and with checking PH of solar fluid that is inside the collector and circuit, the system may have a maximum lifespan.
10 What's solar system save?
Depending on water consumption (Domestic Hot Water, Hot water to provide space heating or pool heating), the number of collector and installation location, the type of solar collector, whole ranges from 30% to 60% thermal energy by solar energy system functioning economic area
11Is there the possibility of installing solar thermal systems in already constructed building?
To install solar heating systems the following is required:
-Enough space to install collectors
- Enough space to install the tank (can be installed in the boiler room, the roof, or in the kitchen or balcony for independent building heating systems).
- The possibility of passing plumbing pipes between the collectors and the tank (usually between the roof and the boiler room)
It should be explained If we use a thermosyphonic solar system the possibility of passing plumbing pipes between the solar system and the boiler needed.
12 How many solar thermal collector is required to provide hot water for a residential unit?
It depends on how many people live in the house, how much water they consume and how much is the amount of solar radiation? But as a rule of thumb for a 4-member family about three square meters flat collector required.
13Is heating produced by solar thermal system can be replaced by gas or electricity?
No. Solar thermal system is not a substitute for gas or electrical energy, except in areas that does not have the access to them. (Eg remote areas of the gas network) But in urban areas that take advantage of natural gas can be used as a supplement for heating systems and works very well and saves fuel such as natural gas and diesel.
14Can solar thermal system work on cloudy weather?
The solar energy will certainly be reduced, but still part of the heat required is provided.
15Can solar collector warm water enough?
Yes. In good weather conditions the system can easily bring the water to boiling point.
16 Is it possible to heat the pool water using solar thermal system?
With using solar thermal system, required heat can be easily provided in all year
17What places can be used for solar thermal system?
Solar thermal systems can be used wherever there is sunlight.
18How do solar systems work in winter?
Due to the use of high-tech absorbers, just the existence of sunlight is enough for operation.
19Is solar thermal collectors absorb UV rays or infrared radiation?
Yes. solar absorber layer can absorb the solar spectrum, including visible light, UV and infrared rays. Of course, the most important role in heat generation is infrared rays.
20Can solar thermal systems be used to supply power?
21Can fossil fuel heating systems be replaced by the solar thermal systems?
Solar energy is not always available. Therefore should be used to supplement the fossil heating systems. So, the hot water is always available. With this model even when the solar energy fails to fully supply our demands, it dramatically reduce energy consumption.

1Which systems are photovoltaic?
Many ways to get energy from the sun can be used for different purposes. One of the methods to get power (electricity) is from the sun. To all parts and equipment for the production and use of electricity generated by solar system is saying photovoltaic.
2Is the electricity generated by photovoltaic systems can be used for all devices that are powered by electricity (electric devices)?
Electricity produced by photovoltaic systems is DC type and inverters convert it to AC, thus can be used for all equipment.
3In general, which types can be used photovoltaic modules?
Photovoltaic systems can be installed in 2 ways and brought into operation:
1: Grid connected - by connecting to the national electricity grid. Such as photovoltaic power plants.
2: Standalone systems or batteries backup for independent operation of the system like places that do not have access to the national electricity grid.
4How many generations of technology can solar panels be categorized?
The first generation- mono & polycrystalline silicon cells.
The second generation- thin film solar cells
Third generation with special features
5Advantages and disadvantages of second-generation panels?
1. The lower efficiency loss to temperature changes and thus generate more power (approximately% 10-15%) compared to first-generation panels
2. More space required compared to the first generation panels
6What equipment is used for a photovoltaic system?
In general, a photovoltaic system composed of 4 parts.
1. Solar panels
2. The battery bank (in the off-grid systems)
3. DC-AC power converter(inverter)
4. Charge Control
7What is duty of solar panels in the system?
Is part of a photovoltaic system that converts solar energy into electricity..
8Why snow does not accumulate on photovoltaic panels in winter?
The reason for this is when photons hit the surface of the panel that cause warming and the snow melts on the surface of the panel. In addition, it is noteworthy that photovoltaic panels are installed with a slope of 30 to 40 degrees, so the snow on them slips.
9Can this system be used whether at night when there is no sunlight ?
در سیستمهای با پشتیبان باتری، یکی از قسمتهای اصلی این سیستم بانک باتری میباشد. بانک باتری شامل تعدادی باتری می باشد که بهم متصل شده اند و کار آنها ذخیره انرژی الکتریکی تولید شده توسط پانلهای خورشیدی می باشد. از برق تولیدی پانلهای خورشیدی به 2 صورت میتوان استفاده نمود. 1- اگر در روز باشد می توان به طور مستقیم از انرژی تولیدی سلولها برای مصرف کننده ها استفاده نمود. 2- در مواقعی که هوا ابری است یا در شب هنگام، می توان از انرژی ذخیره شده در باتریها جهت تامین انرژی الکتریکی وسایل برقی استفاده کرد. In systems with battery backup, battery bank is one of the main parts of the system. Electricity produced by solar panels can be used in 2 way:
1. In daytime(sunlight emission) can be directly used for consumers.
2. In the event that the weather is cloudy or at night, the energy stored in the batteries can be used to supply electrical energy
10What is the lifetime of the solar panels?
Panels for the minimum of 20 to 25 years can be used and after 25 years production will be decreased, but never a panel after this time will be completely destroyed.
11 If power consumption during operation increased, the whole system should be replaced?
One of the features is that you can add multiple photovoltaic panels and add accessories to add energy without fundamental changes. In other words, we can say that the produced energy can be increased to any extent.
12Can be synchronized the power grid and electricity generated by solar panels to use in residential homes?
Yes. A home can be simultaneously connected to photovoltaic systems as well as power grid.
13How much approximately is efficiency of photovoltaic panels?
Solar cell was discovered in 1883 efficiency of these cells began to raise. At first it was about 2%, but now it is 11-15%. The panels are also built with efficiency over 30% at the moment, and not used for commercial purposes.