Condensing Technology: Save money, energy and protect the environment

Advantages of Rendamax condensing boilers versus aluminum ones

* Use the main heat exchanger made of high quality stainless steel harder and more expensive than aluminum (higher life)
* Build an integrated heat exchanger in front of the blades (more reliable)
*Longer life and greater resistance to corrosion
* Working pressure higher than other boilers (only available boiler with working pressure of 8 bar)
* Burner with the plane flame (Made by Dung Germany) in front of a cylindrical - uniform flame temperature and avoid stress concentration around the main heat exchanger
* Ability to dismantle boiler into smaller pieces to move and carry without restriction
* Full range of 50-2000 kW capacity in a single boiler

Rendamax a member of Ariston Thermo Group

Europe’s leading brand for commercial and municipal heating solutions
Rendamax is a leading specialist of high efficiency, condensing, heating technology mainly concentrated on the market for none-domestic central heating equipment and water heaters.
Founded in the late nineteen sixties as a result of the closing of the coalmines in the Limburg region of the Netherlands, the company become soon leader in the manufacturing of industrial boilers with gas pipes (65-1860 kW) for roof use, dedicated to the heating of residential buildings and industrial buildings.
With proactive and innovative approach, the company developed a completelly new premix condensing boiler, to be used in the industrial heating systems. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency boilers for heating and hot water.
Over the years, Rendamax built a reputation around the world in the development and production of high efficiency gas boilers and heating systems. This position was further strengthened in 2001, after joining the Italian company Ariston Thermo Group (world leader in the production and sale of boilers, water heaters and air conditioners for industrial and domestic use).
Today Rendamax has a wide range of industrial high-efficiency solutions: R40, R600, 3400 and 3600.
The industrial boilers, by Rendamax, have compact sizes and very low weight; they have a very accurate modular design that make them ideal for roof installation or free standing installation.
The unique design make the boilers able to exploit, at the maximum, the heat exchanger surface, and make them able to meet the most severe environmental requirements.
Further, the Rendamax boilers are made up with top quality materials: the stainless steel used for the main heat exchanger ensures highest reliability and very long lifecycle.
Customer satisfaction and total quality are the key issues that drive people and organization.
Rendamax is NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certified and the highest level of standards is managed at all stages of research and development, sales and production processes.
Research and Development is focused on achieving maximum standards in efficiency, ease of use, industrialization and environmental impact, thus developing innovative products that ensure our competitive advantage for the years to come.
The heart of operation is the facility in Kerkrade, situated in the south of the Netherlands, where research and development, production, logistics, technical support and desk sales are concentrated.