About us

Thanks to have a very favorable solar energy level, this rich source of clean, endless and free, beside unorganized situation in fossil fuel consumption in the country, made a group of experts and elites, aims to provide up to date technology and the most advanced products in the field of fuel consumption management and optimization especially solar systems, to establish Ariosunshade in 2008. What was the company's first day of work epigraph, was insisting on the quality of goods and services provided. Thus, by creating a design section, and also getting the sole agency from the best producers and owners of technology in the world of Western European countries, especially Germany, offering the highest quality and most efficient products in the world market has been accomplished.

Why Ariosunshade?

Providing the highest quality products

Given that all the products has already installed or being installed in EU members, should pass EU mandatory (CE) standards. These standards ensure high quality products will be presented to consumers. That is why the products offered by the company have the longest international warranty time among similar. The importance of warranty and lifetime of products determine consideration of the profitability of the system after the initial return of capital.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Power of planning solar systems and heating utilities and solutions tailored to the needs of each group: Ariosunshade with having planning section and with possession of the most accurate meteorological data, without any limitations, according to site conditions and customer requirements, in the shortest period, can offer the smartest, most efficient and economical possible plan. Calculation of amount of savings achieved, payback period and economic profitability calculation is the other services of the company which will be presented to customers.


Ariosunshade's ultimate goal, is improving the quality of health and economic situation of Iranian families, growth and sustainable development, useful and persistent role in the young industry of energy management in the country




Providing modern clean energy and optimization equipment, being among the top three companies in corresponding solutions.